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Constipation is stomach disorder  in which either there is no  passage of stool or it is hard to pass stool . There is pain due to accumulation of waste .There is feeling of uneasiness. Sometimes people with chronic constipation take laxatives which produce other side effects.

Be fresh is churna powerful and intelligent blend of good ayurvedic herbs. Amongayurvedic herbs used ,one is Terminalia Chebula in pure form.Be Fresh Churna  is  proprietary ayurvedic medicine.Be-Fresh Churna is said to be a Golden product for constipation & stomach problem . Be Fresh Churna  helps to clean your every intestines and cure from every diseases which helps to enthuse your energy level and increase your stamina with feeling of freshness inside and outside your body.



Take half spoon of Be Fresh Churna either with lukewarm water or with lukewarm milk, before going to sleep at night.


Be Fresh  is not recommendedduring pregnancy unless prescribed by the physician.Be Fresh is not recommended for children below 1 year in age.