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Motapa Mukti Herbal Tea

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  1. Anuragdeep Singh

    Best Solution for all hair problems in the world. Jai gurudev ji ??.

  2. Neeraj Kumar

    Best products

  3. Dushyant Kumar

    Best product

  4. Nitesh

    Thanks gurudev , thanks bagwan shive, thanks maa bagwati aap sabhi ki kripa se yah sambov huwa hai

  5. Jagruti (verified owner)

    Thank you for such an awesome shampoo. Namoh Narayan ji

  6. Sharanjit (verified owner)

    Amazing shampoo. I feel so light after bath. I need more.

  7. Sharanjit (verified owner)

    I love this product

  8. Bindu Dhall (verified owner)

    Bestest shampoo ever

  9. shivinderarora15

    Since I have Start Using Kesh Sudha & Kesh Vardhak My Hairfall Has been Stopped to Great Extent

  10. Anuragdeep Singh



    Chemical free# herbal # one solution for all hair problems # nothing else required#kesh vardhak is enough alone# in love with kesh vardhak.

  12. Harshit kapoor

    Good results aushdi ayurvedic no side effects. Growth bht achi hai hairs ki.

  13. latika saini

    It is the best shampoo

  14. Puneet (verified owner)

    Not a shampoo it is a good hairwash 100,,%ayurverdic best in world

  15. PAWAN KUMAR (verified owner)

    Best organic&100%pure shampoo in the world. ???परम पूज्य सतगुरूदेव जी के श्री चरणों में कोटि कोटि नमन कोटि कोटि प्रणाम परम पूज्य सतगुरू माँ जी के श्री चरणों में कोटि कोटि नमन कोटि कोटि प्रणाम परम पूज्य भाई श्री जी के श्री चरणों में कोटि कोटि नमन कोटि कोटि प्रणाम ???

  16. PRem Kumar


  17. shivinderarora15

    Perfect Solution For All Types of Hair Problems,
    Thank You So Much Guru Dev Ji For Blessings Us with Such a Remarkable Product…??

  18. hk933913 (verified owner)

    Best product

  19. anil h nehra

    this is excellent product am looking for this since my teenage.

  20. Anuragdeep Singh

    Best Shampoo in the world.

  21. Agrim Khatter (verified owner)

    The Best Product for hairs

  22. Abhay Gupta

    Pure Ayurveda

  23. Sahil Gupta (verified owner)

    Best product i have ever used in my life.

  24. Abhay Gupta (verified owner)

    Pure Ayurveda…

  25. Surinder Singh

    Best product for hair fall

  26. Piyush singh (verified owner)

    awesome product, controls hairfall in single wash

  27. Tashi

    Best shampoo

    In the world

  28. Tashi


  29. Siddalingappa.babji

    Sir I required Kesha vardhini shampoo 4 nosand immunpower .1no fine dent 5 nos

  30. Poonam

    Best shampoo

  31. Keshab Bara panda

    The best product I have ever used, my hair fall has stopped within one week. Really the best product

  32. Poonam Butani

    Best for hair

  33. jatin.c108

    Best Product?

  34. Shruti

    Product is very nice specially the fragrance.

  35. Shivanshu kumar tiwari

    Beat product for hair fall

  36. Shivanshu kumar tiwari

    Best products for hair fall

  37. Shivanshu kumar tiwari

    This is best product

  38. Shivanshu kumar tiwari

    This is best product

  39. Shivanshu kumar tiwari

    This is a nice sampoo

  40. Shivanshu kumar tiwari

    This is a nice sampoo this is a nice sampoo


    Aum nmao narayan

  42. Samiksha Gulati

    Love this shampoo
    Jai Guru dev???

  43. Keshab Bara panda (verified owner)


  44. Neeraj Kumar

    Best solution for hair problems

  45. Rajinder Kaur

    Best product

  46. Rajneesh Kumar Singh

    The Best Product for hairs

  47. Vinod Kumar

    This product is very good for any hair problem

  48. Vinod Kumar

    Its a very good product for hair

  49. Naresh kumar

    Very Good product

  50. Kshama Chauhan

    Best product

  51. dushyant Kumar (verified owner)

    Very Best Shampoo kesh vardhak

  52. Anupama

    Best product. Comical free

  53. Rajesh kumar

    It’s very very good product for all type of hair.

  54. Rajesh kumar

    Very good product

  55. NEELAM Singh


  56. NEELAM Singh


  57. Ritu Manish (verified owner)

    It’s completely natural and chemical free hair cleanser. It doesn’t removes natural shine from hair like other ayurvedic shampoos. It’s worth using

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